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About Payment


1. How can I pay for my painting and is it secure?

A: You can pay for your painting with a credit card or PayPal. As with any reputable art gallery or online e-commerce vendor, we make all credit card transactions via a secured, bank-authorized credit card processing company and through a 128 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer technology) encrypted and secured Web page (PayPal is the safest third party payment processor to process credit card orders). No one will see your credit card information as it is all encrypted electronically. As an added level of security, all purchases are guaranteed by both your credit card and our processing company.

2. Do I pay up front for the painting or when I receive it?

A: You pay when you place your order with us. Because we have many clients from over the world so learning about each of them is impossible. So please understand us, before we begin working on your painting, we need to know that you have the means to pay for it. All online transactions work this way, and keep in mind that all paintings ordered from Rareprogallery are backed by our 100% money back guarantee.
Or you can pay by Western Union and order painting via E-mail:
Western Union ( Western union telegraph will be secure, fast and convenient.
Beneficiary information:
Receiver’s First name: (Mr.) THANG
Receiver’s Last name: QUANG TRINH
Please email us following information after make payment by Western Union:
1. Money Transfer Control Number (MCTN): is the 10-digit number located on your confirmation receipt.
2. Sender’s Name: First name and last name
3. Total amount
4. Your city and country